Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adding a little Culture to my family with Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothies #KefirCreations #shop

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Since I have been exercising my body more and working on the outside, it makes total sense to make sure I'm keeping the inside healthy as well.

I recently introduced the Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothies to my family. I found these great Smoothies at my local Winn Dixie in the Organic Dairy Section. We purchased Plain, Raspberry, and Peach flavors. Strawberry and Blueberry were sold out !!

 Lifeway Kefir Smoothies are naturally Gluten Free, 99% Lactose Free (which hopefully means my Lactose Intolerant BFF can enjoy these as well with little discomfort) The Kefir Smoothies also have no Artificial Sweeteners. Lifeway also only uses milk that comes from cows that are not treated with pesticides, antibiotics, or synthetic growth hormones. I like these facts and feel good that I can provide my growing boys with a healthy product
For breakfast, I added the Plain Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie to strawberries and bananas.
This was a great addition to my bagel and has to hoard my glass because my husband and children kept drinking it.  
Adding Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothies can give your body a wake up and help boost your energy and digestive health. You can add it to recipes and drink it alone.
I've decided Peach is best on it's own and I enjoy the freshness of the flavor. I'll be printing the coupon [located at the bottom of this post], and when the Blueberry becomes available, I'll add that to my fridge !
Hubby decided he was making his own smoothie as a dessert and used the plain with strawberries.
We also added strawberries to the Raspberry Smoothie this morning, since my husband ran out of his usual yogurt. Adding fresh fruit is not necessary but we like that aspect and opportunity to be able to customize this already amazing product.
 Grab your for Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothies coupons and add some healthy probiotics to your day !

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