Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lesson Learned - Emergency Room turns into a Hospital Stay

I've learned a difficult lesson this week and learned too listen to my BFF when she says to go to the Dr. She is a nurse, but I'm a horrible patient.

My "I think I have the flu" turned into an Abdominal Sono, Emergency MRI and appointment with a local GI. I never made it to that appointment
It turns out my Gall Bladder was mad at me and released stones that obstructed my bile duct causing my liver enzymes to elevate.

I couldn't keep anything but clear liquids down and a tell tale sign of bad things to come was the itching. The bottom of my feet and my palms would itch all day and at night, my whole body would itch. I quickly learned that the itching would not be curbed by anything at all !
Post-op Surgery Day 1

Sunday sent me to the emergency room with back pain so severe that all I could do was cry. Within 3-4 hours of my arrival, I had surgery #1. Stones were removed and the surgery was relatively easy. I had no outside wounds that would show I had any surgery.
That would soon change.
Pre-op Surgery day 2 - Delayed :(

Monday I had my Gall Bladder and all the lovely little stones it had created, removed. The surgery is called Cholecystectomy. It's the removal of the gall bladder performed with laparoscopy.
4 lovely incisions, my battle scars.
So now I rest and wait to heal. No lifting, no running, and while I had already begun this before getting ill, a low-fat diet.
This is not something to mess with. People often live with Gall Bladder issues and treat it with diet. But when you mess around and stones obstruct important passageways, your body gets MAD !!!
Take care of your body and if something isn't right, listen to your body and head to your Dr. It took ne a couple extra days to get there, but I am grateful and glad I went when I did.

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  1. Nice lesson to share; hope you're better


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