Saturday, September 13, 2014

Picking up the boys from school and Essentia Water #sponsored

Disclosure: I received a sample pack of Essentia Water to review in assorted sizes.

If you don't know how hot it is 95% of time, here in Florida
This ↓ is normal !!
Yes, I promise this IS normal !

We live close to our Coutry Trail called "The Pinellas Trail".
When my boys get out of school, lots of parents park along the trail and walk or bike to get their kids.
The really smart ones use car line!
But my boys really like walking, or biking, or in my kindergartner's case, riding in the jogging stroller. (Kindergarten is too long, I am told).
And so in 90+ degree heat every afternoon, and yes, even sometimes during the afternoon showers that bring our humidity to 250%, I am out on the trail with a scooter and stroller.
It's so important to stay hydrated daily, but living here in Florida, I think it's even more important.
We are sweating out fluids every second.
Thanks to Essentia Water, my afternoon walk has been much more pleasant.

Staying hydrated is so important

In all fairness to Essentia, this post has been delayed because I received this water right before I had double emergency surgeries, and I've been behind in getting my reviews up.
But honestly, this could not have been a better time to review.
Let me give you some background about Essentia Water.
Essentia Water is the no. 1 selling brand in the natural store channel (think Whole Foods). It has a high pH of 9.5 and a blend of electrolytes, which means fast permeation into the body for optimum alkaline health benefits.

My walk to pick up my boys

I think this water tastes better than regular "bottled water". I read that some athletes say that Essentia Water tends to absorb quicker to reduce that stomach "swish" when running, playing sports and doing yoga. I have to agree. As a Wogger (Walker/Jogger), I know first hand what that "swish" is about and I don't get that a whole lot with the Essentia Water.
I you want to find out more about Essentia Water
Visit their website →

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