Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recap of the Flavor Run !! A Family Affair

Last year, the Tampa Flavor Run was my 1st 5k.
I had the most amazing time !
Since that day, I have run many more 5k's and also inspired my family to begin running.
Hubby has done quite a few and this one was Luke's 3rd.
Anthony and CJ wanted to participate since there was a medal involved.
Of course.
So we made it a family affair...
If you aren't familiar with The Flavor Run, think color + flavor.
Yes, flavor. The powder has the flavors of various fruits like;
banana, watermelon, grape, strawberry and orange.

CJ isn't quite a runner, so he and I took the course on our own.
Do you see how relatively clean he is right now?
He would wait until the "Flavor fairies" had their backs turned and run through the station.
He did get a little color/flavor, but honestly, he was not in a messy mood!

I knew little man would not make it through 3.1 miles, so we took a shortcut and caught up with the big boys. We finished the last mile with them
Hubby ran the 5k. He finished 20 minutes before we did.
But he came back and watched as the boys crossed the finish line and received their medals.
As you can see, most of us are much more colorful after the run.
CJ still looks amazing though.

Except their scalps. Red and Blue for 2 days before it all came out.
This was a great experience for us.
We will be participating next year ! We can't wait !

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