Saturday, November 22, 2014

My first field trip experience @oldmcmickysfarm

This past week, I went on a field trip. This was my first experience as a chaperone for one of my boys. It was never possible with a baby in tow, as there is a "no sibling" rule in place, so when Cj was a baby or in pre-school, it was impossible for me to participate.
No longer is that the case !!
We went to Old McMicky's Farm in Odessa Florida. It's a small, child friendly farm with animals, a hay ride or horse rides. Perfect for the 3rd graders.
This goat was hanging out at first, letting all the kids pet him, but he wanted t get off the box he was on so he could run and play too... Here is Anthony cheesing it up just before the goat nearly fell off the box (he was more interested in scratching his ear than maintaining his balance).
The kids pet bunnies, ran through a maze, rode horses (I had to assist so no pictures), and learned about pigs and donkeys.
Do you know how to tell if it's a "real" donkey? Donkey's have 2 lines on their backs. One from neck to tail and the other across their shoulder blades.
The lines make up a cross. I reminded Anthony about this. What did Mary ride on as she and Joseph entered Bethlehem? Yep, a Donkey..
Along the way, we met up with Lady Gaga.
She was super sweet and the kids really liked her headpiece
She even did the chicken dance with us !
This is Lady Gaga, the chicken version
Anthony had a blast with the animals and even milked a cow. He said the udders felt like "old lady fingers". He made reference to his Nana's hands. I'll never tell her !
Here is said cow providing some entertainment.
My little cowboy had a great day as did his Mama.
I can't wait to go on more adventures

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