Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm working on me with Women's #weightloss #spon #ffobsession

Disclosure: I have received a product to facilitate this review. All views and opinions in association to the product(s) or company are that of my family or myself.
Since we recently canceled our gym membership, I am looking for ways to supplement my exercise routine. I run, have a treadmill (Thanks to my sister), a punching bag (Thanks to friends of hubby's) and some free weights that we bought hubs for his birthday.
I like to change things up a lot. Besides running, I tend to jump from thing to thing to thing.
When the opportunity arose for me to try the Womens Weight Loss 90 day fitness program, I jumped to that next ! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Enter to #Win @MyGymFun toys for your child

Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway.
My Gym Kids worldwide develop healthy minds and strong bodies under the guidance of trained and loving instructors in a safe, clean and noncompetitive environment.
When oldest was 4, we had a My Children's Gym location close by. We attended classes for about 6 months. Many of his preschool friends also attended and we had a great time.
The environment was friendly and clean. The staff was always very wonderful.
It's important to get our children active at a young age. Childhood Obesity numbers are high, with statistics showing it has increased significantly for 2 to 5 year old children. Let's get these wonderful spirits moving towards an active and healthy lifestyle.
The My Gym toys are fun for any age child.
Each toy has fun games you can engage in with your child.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Can Kindness, or Acts of Kindness [Random or not] promote a healthy lifestyle ? #FitFluential #RAOK

I'm not one to say "Hey, Look what my kid did", but I saw someone's request about kindness stories and got to thinking, can Acts of Kindness promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle?

So I'm going to give you a little "kindness" story.

We have some neighbors who have 3 boys, just like us.
Their oldest has some special needs and has attended, until recently, a school for kids who do not function well in public school.
His Mom told me she was putting "S" in public middle school and asked if my oldest could come over and help alleviate some anxieties they were all having.

Now, if you know, have, or have had a 12 year old boy, who thinks he's 17 already, you know that sometimes when you ask for help, there is an eye roll involved.

Luke can be that way. He's generally kind and nurturing. He likes to volunteer and help.

I asked him to head over to the family's house and maybe give a little insight to the daily routine of what 6th grade is like and what "S" could expect.

*No Eye Roll*

Off he went with no hesitation, no complaining and eager to help.
After an hour he came home and said all went well. He gave me a small snippet of their conversation and questions from the Mom and "S".
That was it, or so I thought.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Making my digestive health a priority with Microbiome Plus+ #microbiomeprobiotics #spon Giveaway

Disclosure: I have received a product to facilitate this review. All views and opinions in association to the product(s) or company are that of my family or myself.

With each New Year, I vow to take my supplements regularly. This year is no exception.
This year I'm off to a great start with exercising and supplements.
I also have a new probiotic this year.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Playing catch up in January #100DaysOfMiles #FitFluential @RunDisney #WDW10k

I swear, I'm not ignoring my blog !! Promise !!
I've been working hard at home. My laundry is caught up, my clutter areas are diminishing and I'm getting fit !!!
So here I am to update you !!
Let's start with #100daysOfMiles.
Yep, that's exactly what I am trying to accomplish. The goal is to be active 100 days in 2015 with a minimum of 1 mile of walking or running. I'm doing my best to make those days consecutive.
I started on January 1st, and while most of my days have been late nights on the treadmill after my kids have gone to bed, I have made it outside.
Treadmill walking and running seems to be my method lately
Of course, I do get out and run

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Talking to your kids about school. How do you do it?

A friend of mine, on Facebook [one I know personally and in real life], shared one of those "Huffington Post" links about talking to your kids about their day at school.
→ I've linked the article here if you'd like to read it.
It listed 25 ways to ask your kids about their day at school prompting answers other than "fine" or talking about lunch.
I began wondering, how do many of you ask your kids about their days and how?