Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Talking to your kids about school. How do you do it?

A friend of mine, on Facebook [one I know personally and in real life], shared one of those "Huffington Post" links about talking to your kids about their day at school.
→ I've linked the article here if you'd like to read it.
It listed 25 ways to ask your kids about their day at school prompting answers other than "fine" or talking about lunch.
I began wondering, how do many of you ask your kids about their days and how? 


For us, this is something we began when our 1st born was in preschool. We've not waivered from it. We simply ask "Tell me one thing you learned in school today".
We get more than that from all 3 of our kids and that is fine, but we do engage them at dinner. On the 2 nights where we are scrambling to get to Cub or Boy Scouts or to CCD, I still sit with them at the table while they eat and talk to them about their day. When they arrive home, I make sure they give their Dad a quick recap.
Sometimes my youngest will tell me about his day as we are leaving school and at dinner, I get additional information, like, someone got hurt on the playground or sat in his favorite spot. My oldest likes to tell us about each of his 7 classes. My middle guy loves to tell us about his tests and anything to do with math.
How do you engage your children? Do you have dinner together?
While my current system works, I am always interested in changing things up, so talk to me, Tell me your thoughts!

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