Monday, February 16, 2015

Squid and Gun Safety - Trying new things !

We are all about trying new things.
Well, I'm all about the kids learning and trying things while I take pictures and make sure they are safe.
Such is the case the past 2 weekends.
2 weekends ago, our Cub Scout Pack went to MOSI this year for a campout. Last year when we attended, we had a Space theme adventure. This year, we had a Marine Biology adventure of sorts.
All of the boys were able to dissect a squid. Only 1 Cub Scout didn't participate. Lots of parents and siblings got involved as well. It was great for the kids to learn about marine creatures outside of what they get from school.

Luke and I chose not to dissect. Someone had to take pictures. I didn't want to force him, knowing that sometime in school, there is usually a frog dissection
We also has a class demonstrating solids, liquids and gasses, then went to another classroom where 2 instructors dissected a small shark.
Just this past weekend, our Boy Scout went camping so we just had the 2 littles.
For Christmas, I gave hubby a gift certificate to a local Firearms range, where he's been taking classes. They were having a Youth Safety Class.
So many parents have guns and we hear so many stories about children finding firearms unsecured and playing with them.
While we do not personally own a gun (yet as hubs adds in), we want our children to know the rules about guns. Sometimes they listen to others more than to us.
The instructor at Florida Firearms Academy was excellent. He was very engaging and all of the kids there really got into the class. After 35 minutes of teaching and pizza, all of the children were allowed to shoot 5 rounds with a 22 rifle.
Yes, my heart stopped. No, I was not prepared for that.
But my boys were so excited.
The instructor was right there and all of the parents were as well.
This may not be a regular outing for us, but knowing they can tell me the rules they learned and what to do and not to do in the event they find a gun or a friend has one, makes me feel a little better.

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