Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A little late but a Gasparilla 2015 Update ! #FitFluential #IRun4Joshua @JennyMetamorfit #InItForTheBling

In February, I ran my 2nd Gasparilla Lime challenge 15k & 8k.
This is a 2 day event with a total of 14.2 miles.
Last year, I decided on the event because of Jenny over at Metamorfit.
She had planned on participating but was injured. So I ran this with other Tampa Bay Bloggers though, I was the last to finish of them. I'm okay with that.


This year, Jenny once again registered but this time, her son was injured and could not participate with her. So I "wogged" (walk/jogged) with her.

On Saturday February 21s, we walked and jogged the 15k down beautiful Bayshore Blvd in Tampa, FL. It was a tad bit chilly in the morning !

Yes, even in Florida, we get cold. Being southern born and raised, I get cold very easily.

As the sun rose, we made our way through the course and enjoyed great conversation. I was better prepared this year. Last year, I had been on my feet less than a year and was naïve about how prepared I was for the 9.32 miles. Somehow, I even PR'd the 15k. with a time of 2 hours 45minutes 09 seconds. Last year, I had completed the same course in 2 hours 53 minutes 16 seconds. That's an 8 minute difference !
However, my PR was not to be broken for Sunday's 8k.
I woke with severe foot pain and decided that I was going to continue.
I had talked hubby into doing the 8k. It was his 1st 4.97 mile run.
He has been doing lots of 5k's and running 3 days a week, so I encouraged him. I couldn't back out.
So through the extreme pain, that meds were not helping, we made it to the sold our start line. I told hubby to go ahead. I was not holding him back and I, once again, met up with Jenny. I let her know my situation and she had gained some blisters. My left foot and her right. We could have done a 3 legged race ! Ha !
We didn't quit and every step I wanted to cry. Jenny encouraged me and it helped.
I finished those 4.97 miles in 1 hour 30 minutes 51 seconds, last year, I was only a minute and a half shorter at 1 hour 29 minutes 07 seconds.
Could you imagine if I wasn't hurt ?!
Jenny & I smiling through the pain. We did it !
So in the end I didn't give up. It hurt like nobody's business and I paid for it the next 2 weeks but You couldn't get the smile off my face.
I'm very proud of hubby. He completed his 1st 8k in 57 minutes 25 seconds.
He is talking about running the Disney 10k with me next year.
My heart is smiling !
Our Cub Scout Assistant Cub Master completed his 1st Half Marathon at Gasparilla, even after a death in his family. He dedicated his amazing run to his recently departed father and his youngest son. Go Robert !
Another friend of mine completed the Ultra. He did the 15k and 5k on Saturday and then the Half Marathon and 8k on Sunday!
I am never going to do 4 races in 2 days but I will gladly cheer on those who do !!!
I've added more bling to my board !
 Yes, I love race medals, I'm not ashamed to admit it
And Though my foot swelled up worse than any of my pregnancies and my children declared I walked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, It was all worth it.
And I'll be back next year!



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  1. I wish I could go to Florida, I like Florida a lot.


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