Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ultra BRIGHT LED HeadlampPerfect for camping and hiking .. or the occassional power outage ! #divineleds #ad

I received the XE Series Headlamp just before a scout camp out and thought, PERFECT !! The last camp out, I totally forgot lighting and this would be a solution. Now, I didn't go on the camp out, I sent hubby and 2 of the boys. So I didn't get pictures of it in use with them [sorry]. But here I am trying it on.
The XE Series Headlamp offers a lightweight portable light source with adjustable elastic strap for a snug and customized fit every time. A dimmer and multiple modes allow you to adjust the light strength to suit your task-at-hand. I love that this offers hands-free lighting. I can bike ride or hike at night and not have to worry about holding a flashlight or lantern. 
The XE Series Headlamp is made from military-grade materials, this headlamp is guaranteed to work as hard as you do! The cost is around $27.97, but if you are camping, hiking, biking, running, boating, home improvement, or even reading, this headlamp will make pay for itself. We had a rain storm roll through our area not too long ago and our power went out. After coming home from dinner out [and a nice helping of air conditioning], we still had no power and the light was fading. I grabbed my The XE Series Headlamp  from our camping gear box and had plenty of light until the power came back on. I only actually was able to wear it for a short time since one of the boys had reading to do for school. He took it right off of my head and read his book.
The The XE Series Headlamp came with a set of Energizer batteries and I'm thankful for that. It was ready to go out of the box.
We've used it a handful of times and I absolutely love it. The straps are comfortable and I have more than enough light when in use.
Want to take a peak at the headlamp on Amazon? Here is a link

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