Saturday, June 6, 2015

Apple MFi Certified iPhone 6 Battery Case Review #ChromoMFi #ad

If you are like me, somehow, your phone has replaced you camera for everyday photos.
We are a society of "Instant & Share" these days.
I am no exception !
I had the opportunity to review a product, but I didn't have the phone compatibility. But you know, my Bestie had just purchased a new iPhone 6 and she was happy to help me out.
So I received this rechargeable battery case and we met up at our favorite bagel store to take a peek at it. We liked how the design of the case had a bumper type design plus a hard-shell backplate that could provide a comprehensive shield from scratches, bumps, drops, and more, while still convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or into your pocket.
She has 2 girls. They like to play with her phone.

The case had all of the cutouts, port holes, and button covers so that you could use this case all the time.  You would have access to charge and sync your phone without removing it.
The case also has LED indicators so you know how much battery is left and you're not left in a lurch when you are truly in need. This case also boasts enhanced speaker ports to allow sound from your music and videos to flow distortion-free without muffling or blocking of the speakers.

Case includes an efficient Desk Stand function which allows you to operate hands free and multi task easily. We won't tell you how long it took us to figure out the stand. I will share that a sweet lil' old man did offer to help us though.

The powerful 2500mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery with unique Rapid Charge technology can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life for your iPhone 6, which is the equivalent of adding 12 + hours of talk time or video play or over 50 hours of audio play. Only compatible with the iPhone 6 (4.7 inch model). NOT compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus model (5.5 inch model.)

So did the case live up to the extended battery life hype?
It sure did. Bestie recently went our for a friend "Roaring 30's" birthday party. They were taking photos, sending them to each other and the birthday girl, and posting them on social media all night long. I say them, It looked like a fun night.

Was there anything she didn't like about the case?
Yes, unfortunately. She said it was difficult to get the case off and on her phone. She has an "everyday" case she likes to use, so the Apple MFi Certified iPhone 6 Battery Case is only for occasions where she may need extended battery life and no opportunities to charge her phone.


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