Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We Did It !! Cub Scout Camp #BSA #DayCamp2015 #CubScouts

This was our 1st year where all 3 of my boys attended Cub Scout Day Camp.
In previous years, I always had 1 child at home that was too young to attend.
Camp Soule is home to Cub Scout and Boy Scout Camping for the West Central Florida Council. The site is located in Clearwater, Florida and our pack has had many events there over the years.

My 2 older boys have attended day camp for a few years now, and since my oldest is a Boy Scout, he volunteers and helps where needed.
With my youngest being a Tiger and able to attend this year, I was able to attend Cub Scout Day Camp as well. Actually, I had to attend camp with him, since he is a Tiger. We had lots of quality time !
So with Luke volunteering, and this being CJ's 1st year, we asked for Big brother to be our Den Chief. Our Den chief was beloved by the 13 boys in our Den (CJ was the only Tiger, the other 12 were in Wolf and Bear ranks).
Anthony was with other Webelos Scouts from our Pack, plus 2 of the parents in our pack and had a great time. We saw him a few times during the week but didn't have activities with him.
CJ was able to do some great things. We made amazing memories and I'm grateful I was on hand to witness them. One of his favorite things was Archery. On his 1st day, he shot a bulls eye. He didn't repeat this accomplishment during the remainder of the week, but he was so excited to be able to share. In the same area, he also did BB Shooting. The gun was really big and a little tough to pump, but we had great range masters and staff on hand to help him.
 On the last day, they used sling shots and dog food. I guess dog food was safer than anything else. He hit the pie pan a couple of times. He enjoyed this activity and now wants a sling shot for home. Joy !
Since Luke was our Den Chief, he was able to participate as well.
We has some "Scout Skills" to learn while we were there. We leaned about nature and plants, hiking and first aid. We visited the "knot station" twice because knots are essential in scouting. CJ learned how to tie a "square knot", one of the basic knots in scouting.
I always have a hard time remembering how to do this one. He did well though.
Some of the other fun activities were bamboo pole fishing and ice cream making. Sadly, we didn't catch any fish. He was a little discouraged.

Ice cream making was fun and tiring. We put ice and Ice cream salt in large Ziploc baggies, then milk, vanilla, and sugar in smaller bags. We put the small bags to the large bags and shook [and shook and shook and shook] them. 20 minutes later, my arms were tired ! However, we had vanilla ice cream, and it was good too. Guess what my boys want to do at home this summer.
 The last fun thing we did at camp was swim. We're in Florida, it's summer, we have to swim. Guess who refuses to learn how to swim? Yep, little man.
The staff at the pool was so helpful and encouraging. I stayed out of the pool (big brother was right next to him) and let the staff help him along. There was a lot of fussing but he was brave and tried his best. In no way did he "swim" on is own, but he did start the process and we'll continue to learn at home.
 At the end of everyday, we were tired as tired can be, but every morning we were up and ready to tackle the next day at camp. It was a long week.
I can honestly say, I am glad that I personally experienced Day Camp. I know what my boys have been doing there for years and when they fall asleep on the way home, I understand why. I am so happy they have access to these experiences. My boys love scouting and to be able to them to enhance their learning opportunities, is something I will always support.
Do Your Best. Be Prepared

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  1. I was so fortunate to go to a sleep away camp every summer for 10 years and my kids followed in that tradition as well. I think every kid needs the experience whether through a week long day camp or away for several weeks. So glad you got to enjoy it through you kids eyes :)


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