Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Easing my running and exercise aches and pains with Ape Tape #BestKinesiologyTape #sponsored #Tomoson #Review

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for on honest and unbiased review via Tomoson

I've been wanting to try Kinesiology Tape for quite a while. The aches and pains from running gets to me sometimes. So when the opportunity arose to try Ape Tape - Kinesiology Recovery Tape , I literally jumped at the chance.

The roll of Ape Tape - Kinesiology Recovery Tape says it will work for 10-12 applications, but I feel that I can probably get more out of it. We'll see.

The kinesio tape does what other wraps, pads, patches, bandages, and bracing accessories can't. Designed with a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism, Ape Tape gently lifts the skin away from soft tissue underneath. This remedies strain and pressure on the weak area, which improves blood flow for inflammatory management and fast healing.

Cutting the tape was easy, as was peeling the paper. I would suggest only peeling one side, placing on your skin, and then adhering while peeling the rest of the way. I made the mistake of peeling the paper all at once, and it stuck together, folded on itself, and I cursed myself for it!

The tape stayed well on my knee and I had full range of motion. It did not peel and actually, didn't hurt too bad when I did take it off. When I used it on my Varicose vein, I did so in lieu of using a compression sleeve. It felt great and I didn't have any of the usual pain.

I asked Bestie to use the Ape Tape - Kinesiology Recovery Tape for her elbow. I cut the pieces to thin, I think, because they peeled easily from around her elbow. The kinesiology tape has also shown to be effective in treating gouty arthritis, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, abdominal pain, congested sinuses, jaw pain, and much more. She has RA, as well as issues with her elbow joint, which is why I wanted to try it on her. I'll try again.

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