Monday, July 27, 2015

Make Squeezing your lemons a breeze with the Kitchen-Delight Citrus Squeezer #lovejuicing #fitfam

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I'm not always a fan of drinking water. I'm sure you've heard that before. I know you have from me.
I've used and really do like the infusion bottles, but sometimes, I feel like I don't get the most from the lemon when I use it.

This stainless steel citrus squeezer is truly a delight to use. It's the 1st one I've owned, so I truly have no comparison. I will tell you that this product is very easy to use. The long ergonomic stainless steel handles provide the proper leverage and comfort to make getting every last drop a breeze.

You place your citrus of choice cut side down. I supposed the size of the lemon or lime you use could vary and maybe not sit perfectly in the cup, but the sides come up and it should contain your citrus.
Squeeze the handles tightly and, Viola' ... Juice... No seeds, and really no pulp either.
This squeezer is guaranteed not to chip, break, or rust ! It is super easy to use and just as easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, though I think I will be washing it by hand only.
I did end up adding the lemons to my water. After using the squeezer, getting the seeds out was terribly easy.... After the water was gone, I refilled my container and still had the lemon flavor. 
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