Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm sharing a great App I've Been using. #GetPaidToGetHealthy @pactapp #fitfam #Fitfluential

Disclosure: I am sharing an app I've been using for almost a year now. There is no compensation nor product in exchange. There are no referral links in this post nor will I receive anything if anyone chooses to download this app.

Last year, I began using an application on my cell phone call "Pact".
This helped to make me accountable for my food logging, exercise, and healthy eating.
Pact uses connected apps to help follow your food logging. I use My Fitness Pal. I choose to log my food 7 days a week. Why do any less? It helps keep my eating in check.
For the Gym part of the Pact, I use a couple of different applications. If I am running, I can use Runkeeper or Map My Run. If you use a device such as a Fitbit or Jawbone, and you reach 10,000 steps, that will count for a day's exercise. You can also "Check in" at a local gym and there is now a "motion tracker" so that if you are exercising at home for 30 minutes, that can count for your exercising.
You can choose how much or how little you track. This also decides how much you'll make.
Below is a screen shot of my pact this week.

Once you complete a week, Monday through Sunday, your pact closes. Generally, on a Wednesday, you'll see what you've made if you've completed your Pact.
However, if you don't complete your Pact, you won't get paid. And you'll owe $10.00 for every item you don't complete. It's a steep price to pay, and a good motivator!
When you reach $10.00 in "earned" rewards, you can withdraw your rewards.
I choose to take my via Paypal and I receive the funds within 24 Business hours.
I always get an email letting me know the breakdown. This past week, I made $2.30.
Nope, it's not going to fill my gas tank and I'm not making a living on this, but after a few weeks, I begins to add up. Also, I'm not maxed out on my exercise. I'm on at 3 days when I can do 7. I can also max out my fruits and veggies at 35, but I'm only at 14.
Another great feature of Pact is the ability to "Take a Break". You can stop your pact for the next week, if you'll be away on business, or unable to meet your pact for any reason.
Also, there is always medical issues that arise.
Last August, I was admitted into the hospital and had 2 emergency surgeries.
I was able to contact Pact and let them know that I needed my account put on a medical hold. I was not charged for the days I missed and they put my following week on a break for me.
The support staff has responded timely when I've had questions.
I started out with 1 or 2 days and have gotten to where I am right now. When my kids get back to school, I'll add more gym time. I really do need to eat more fruits and veggies and could bump up my earning by adding more.
I would encourage anyone and everyone I know, to take advantage of this opportunity.
Click here for the direct link to the Pact website. You can read more about the app and how it works.

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