Monday, July 6, 2015

Taking on the Dunedin Kiwanis Midnight Run 5k for the 2nd year #fitfam #fitfluential #REALwomenmove #IRun4

This Independence Day, my eldest son and I ran the Kiwanis Midnight 5k.
Initially, it was supposed to be the hubby, but ... plans change.

This was the first night time run for my son. He was adamant about staying close to me, as the lighting wasn't the best throughout the course. He hadn't run this bridge before, unlike me. Bestie and I have taken this route so many times.
I fell asleep on the couch and woke in time to get dressed and leave. We made it with minutes to spare after getting out bib & shirts [and running our shirts back to the car].
It's been a while since I had my fellow I Run 4 runner next to me. I really enjoy our time out running together.


Earlier in the week, we were at Kohl's and my Anthy picked out some socks for our run.
I'm not a fan of those Liberty Bells (they remind me of Christmas), so I opted for the Stars and Stripes.
The weather was cooler than last year and we ended up with a great breeze and a fireworks show as we rounded the 1.5 mile mark.
There was a woman carrying a large American Flag. She was ahead of us for the first mile, her flag high in the air. We passed her before the turn around and when we saw her again, her had slowed down and the flag wasn't so high.
Since I was doing a walk/run interval the entire race, Luke and I had some time to chat. As we were finishing the last walk interval and coming up on the finish line, he told me he wanted to wait until we saw the woman with the American Flag cross the finish line.
He had something he wanted to say to her. I told him that we'd wait.
She appeared a couple of minutes after I crossed the finish line. As she came up to the area where people were gathering to look at their times, Luke approached her. I'm not sure of his exact words, but he told her how proud he was of her for running with the Flag. She told him how she was running in honor of her Brother who served in Korea. He had just come to visit her and she was so happy to be running for him, when he was in town.
She seemed pleased that a young person took notice, that he listened to her and showed patriotism for his country.
I wished my son would have run, he would have had a great pace time. However, it was nice to have him next to me.
Our Official Times were:
Luke - 47 min 49 sec 15:25 pace time
Me - 48 min 22 sec 15:36 pace time ( 1 min 11 sec better than last year)


  1. What a nice young ma you are raising. :)

  2. What a great way to spend time with your son. He sounds like such a good boy. My grandson is like that too...

  3. Love the socks , Stars would have been my choice too =)

  4. This was great way to enjoy time with your son, its awesome he stayed with you the entire time.

  5. Awesome! Great job! :) ...I don't think I could've done that!

  6. Your son sounds like a very nice young man! I'm glad you both had such a good time on the run

  7. I think that it is great that you took the time out of the Holiday to do something for someone else. Your son is a fine young man to wait until he could talk to the women carrying the flag. Wonderful job.

  8. What an awesome fun thing to do for mother son time ive always wanted to run a 5k but the thought of a timed run scares me lol


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