Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chores are not work, they are required to earn a Boy Scout Merit Badge. #BSA #BoyScouts #FamilyLife #WCFC

My eldest son is a Boy Scout. He has been in his Troop for 17 months.
He has made great progress by achieving his 1st Class Scout rank within that time and is only a couple of requirements away from the Star rank.
I'm still a little confused at how the ranks progress and how long it should take the boys to finish them, but we are moving in the right direction.
My son showed me his book and he is now needing to work on Merit Badges. He hasn't really been interested in working on those, until now.
My son's Boy Scout sash with his 4 Merit Badges. Silver threaded badges are Eagle Scout Required Merit Badges
Fingerprinting, Leatherwork, First Aid, and Inventing

 This week he finally finished his Swimming Merit Badge, which he began last summer. He didn't pass the 150 yard multiple stroke swim, so we've been practicing. Finally, his "Blue Card" is complete and he can turn it in and he will earn another "Eagle" Merit Badge.
Boy Scouts must complete all requirements and have them signed off by a counselor to receive credit for a badge.
My son recently opened up a new Blue Card for an Eagle Merit Badge titled "Family Life". After reading it through, I was excited to see some of the requirements. He had to do a family project and tell why this project was a success. He has to write about why a Father in the family is important. We are lucky to have a family unit with 2 parents, but some boys are not that lucky. I did ask a friend how her son would approach that. She said he would write about the "Father Figure" in his life. Sometimes, this is not even the case. He also has to write about family finances, the importance of parental responsibilities, and hold a family meeting, among other things.
But what really excited me, was the chore part. Now, our boys do chores everyday except Monday and Friday. It's just part of their routine now.
But Luke has to document 90 days of chores. He has to keep a record of a minimum of 5 and mark them on his worksheet.
I don't have to ask for them to be done. If he doesn't do this part of the requirements, he doesn't earn the badge. We are just beginning week 3, and he should finish this by late October.
A Family Life Merit Badge Requirement ... CHORES !!!
I am excited to help him move forward and hopefully inspire him.
Not only my oldest, as we have 2 more scouts in our family.
In less than 2 years, Anth will be heading to Boy Scouts and well, CJ is just beginning, so I have another 5 years with him. This time, I'm a Den Leader. This month I'll be leading 1st graders through their journey as Cub Scouts. I'm excited and petrified.
My Scouts and I at the Tampa Bay Rays Scout Day
I plan on instilling, not only my boys, but all the boys in our Pack and those who decide to journey with us, the 4 items in scouting that I hope will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
Do Your Best
Be Prepared
Do a Good Turn Daily
Help Others


  1. That is awesome! I loved girl scouts and think a lot of the basic knowledge, common sense and kindness encouraged can be hard to find sometimes in today's fast paced world

  2. Good job on the progress!


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