Friday, September 11, 2015

A Journey from Mom to Scout Master #BSA @thecubscouts @wcfcbsa

Once Upon a Time, I was just a Mom.

In 2009, my eldest child joined Cub Scouts. He loved it. I was just a Mom. I brought him to meetings, made sure my 2 other boys didn't get into any mischief, and then went home when the meeting was done.

That lasted 1 year. Our Den Leader went back to work full time, and our Assistant took over.

Guess who then became the Assistant?
Me ...

I'm grateful that she and I were well acquainted already, as our boys wen to pre-school together and then CCD. We only had 3 boys, then 4, and ended our journey with 8. What an amazing journey! We watched these young boys grow into young men. We became friends with their parents. I cried at our crossover [from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts] and they went to different Boy Scout Troops.

During my 4 year reign as her Assistant, I became the Pack Secretary, then the Advancements Coordinator. I figured, that's a good amount to handle.

Towards the end of my oldest's journey with Cub Scouts, my middle son began Cub Scouts. I'm so happy we have a great Den Leader !!

Guess who became the Assistant?

Let's evolve with the times [I Said] and get a website...
I'm a blogger, I can totally rock this !

My Cub Scout 
Became a Boy Scout  ! 
How in The World
Did that Happen ??

Many parents have to work, so it makes sense for me to handle some of these jobs. I'm a Stay At Home, Blog from Home Mom. A Scout Mom through and through.

I have a sticker on my car that say Eat. Sleep. Scout. Repeat.  - yes.. that is my life.

So then our Popcorn Colonel moved on .. It's once a year.. Why not!

Photo Credit: WCFC

Then my youngest began Cub Scouts. We have a Great Den Leader !!
Me ...

Our Cub Scout Program changed. Everything we had known began anew. Why would I ask a parent, who works full time, who has never been in Cub Scouts to jump in head first at the beginning of the school year? I'm not that kind of person. I had all summer to look over the program, to figure out how to make things fun for our 1st graders and help plan the year.

I have 6 years experience, I can do this !

Our Cub Master recently had to depart our pack for family priorities. We asked around. We talked to parents. It only made sense after talking to the committee.

We have a New Cubmaster !

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  1. I was an (accidental) Girl Scout leader for a couple of years, I can't even believe how much fun we had!


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