Thursday, October 15, 2015

Changing my view with new lighting from Del Mar Fans #Sponsored

Disclosure: Our family was provided with Fans from Del Mar as well as monetary compensation to assist with our room makeovers. Opinions about product are our own.

Do you ever dream of a home makeover? It can be large and cost thousands, or it can be small costing little out of pocket. We have these dreams often. Recently, we were able to make a couple of them com true.

Subtle changes can give a frequently used room new life.
And that's just what we've done !

We've been lucky enough to work with Del Mar Fans
to facilitate not 1 room makeover, but 2 !

We've made small but noticeable changes to our Dining Room with the 44” Casablanca Durant .

The Casablanca Fan was easy to install and gives off the perfect amount of lighting for the room. The love that the globes are frosted but have a hint of brown on them, that really brings the entire fan assembly together.

So what did we do in our dining room?

The Casablanca Fans at Del Mar is a hugger fan, which is my favorite. 

Well, besides installing our beautiful new fan, we purchased a vintage looking cabinet.

We applied some etched/frosted film on the glass. This gives a completely different feel to the cabinet and hides the items we have inside.

Nope, not showing off my Fiesta, but have misc items we use daily
[and not so daily, like my mixer and ice cream maker].

Even though this new piece is larger, in height, than what we've had for the past 15 years, it makes the room feel bigger and more spacious.

We've also purchased new artwork for the wall, that really ties in the colors of the room as well as new place mats for the table. Guess where I sit ?

We are still on the look out for new valances that give the room a complete look.

We also made some changes to our back porch area. With the help of Kichler, we have changed the look and feel of our back porch. The new fan gives our patio the light it didn't previously have. Our back porch is our exercise hub and we've had the same ceiling fan [with no light] for 15 years.
We've always had to improvise with additional
lighting and it has never felt "right".

The Kichler Renew Select Patio Ceiling Fan was different than any other fan we have put in because it is specifically for outdoor use.

How did we change the porch area?

We took down the Christmas lights since we have a very beautiful light now with our new fan.This really changed the feeling of the porch, as it instantly felt larger, to me.

I like that the Kichler has a closed globe. When I am on the porch and the light is on, it doesn't give off too much heat.

We also reduced and hid the clutter. The shelving unit is gone and in its place is a 4 drawer unit. Since we use the porch for exercising (hence, the treadmill and weights), we didn't really do "too much" with the overall look.
But with the cluttered shelf and the icicle lights gone, and some other items in different places, the patio really feels like a new space. 

If you notice, we went from lighter based fans to darker ones. I felt it was important to choose fans that enhanced the feel of the room. We brought warmth into the room with a change in the fans, and yet light at the same time.

I am totally in love with both the Casablanca Fans at Del Mar and the Kichler Renew Select Patio Ceiling Fan . They have brought new life and light to our rooms.

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