Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Leaves really do change colors! We took an Autumn break and headed North !

If you didn't know it, I'm a Southern Girl.
I was born in the South, raised in the South.
I've seen snow a couple of times, and have even skied.
But I prefer the less is more lifestyle.
Less clothing to bundle up in, less shoes to wear.
[My feet can attest to the shoe thing]

But as much as I love being int he warmer climate all year round, I must admit, I was up for a trip to see some of the beauty of Autumn

We planned a trip to Pennsylvania. Our trip destination was Hershey, PA.
Um, yeah ... CHOCOLATE !!!

But before we hit the good stuff, we made our way through different parts of the area.

Like Lancaster County, where they make Turkey Hill Ice Cream

We don't get Turkey Hill Ice Cream in West Central Florida. I heard that the Kroger family carries it in the northern part of the state. So this was new to all of us.

↑ That's a Big cow ↑

We learned all about how the ice cream is made, that all of the milk used comes from local dairy farms, and even got to make our own flavors.
Not pictured, but included with our Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience, was the all you could sample Ice Cream Counter. Yes, Unlimited Samples.
I did not splurge, but will tell you their Coconut Ice Cream is Delicious.

After indulging in sweet treats, we found a trail close by and decided to go for a walk.
This was a beautiful, peaceful experience. The colors were magnificent. Even our oldest. just a week from turning into a teenager, put his headphones and phone away, on his own, and enjoyed nature with us. I know, it was a shock to me as well.

There were others at an overlook point, who kindly took a photo for us.
It was a tad breezy at the overlook area, but so gorgeous.

We then set off to find a corn maze. Wilcox Farms had 2 corn mazes, but only the smaller one was open at the time of our visit. CJ, Hubs and I went on our own, and the bigger boys went off to see if they could beat us out. And they did.

But this is what we got out of it.
Family time. No sibling rivalry. Enjoying the fresh air.

It was also refreshing to see fresh pumpkins and gourds that didn't have to be trucked in from out of state. The boys weren't impressed with the assortment though.

So onto our original purpose.


We visited Chocolate World first. I didn't anticipate it becoming an entire day experience, but it truly was. From 10am to 7pm, we were here. We did a Chocolate Tasting. It taught you how to begin to recognize the different flavors the assorted chocolates had.

We then created our own chocolate bars.
We had to dress the part. Anth looks happy, doesn't he?

You could choose from 3 bases, Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate. The they had 6 assorted fillers. I put pretzel pieces and mini chocolate chips into a dark chocolate base. All of the bars were then covered in fresh milk chocolate.

↑That is my chocolate bar about to go through an enroper↑

Our last fun day was Hershey Park.
Hubs and the 2 older boys headed off to the coasters, while little man and I walked around.

The characters were decked out in costume.
I bet you can't guess who Cj is hugging !!

We rode some small kid friendly coasters and rides, and wandered around.
Being from the south, we got cold.
It may be "only 52" to you, but we bundled up like it was Winter in Florida.

It was a wonderful trip. One I hope our boys remember.

And even on vacation, we can't escape Florida.
Our rental car reminded us of home.

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