Friday, December 4, 2015

Renard Compression Socks #RenardCompressionSocks #ad

Disclosure: I received this product in order to facilitate an honest, unbiased  review. All opinions regarding this product are my own.

I need some assistance for my legs. I have a varicose vein that is quite unpleasant and hurts from time to time.

When I run, I always use some type of compression as well as tape.
This is essential for me.
When during my day to day life, wearing my running gear isn't always practical.

I've recently begun wearing Renard Compression Socks. I wear them under pants or even when I'm hanging out at home and need a little extra support.

I'm quite pleased with the compression it offers my calf area. The sock length is long enough to go all the way to my knee.

They have washed well and not shrunk. I have not run in them, but plan to soon.

The toe of the sock is a little long for my foot, but the reinforced heel and toe creates a comfortable feel.

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