Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My delicious Pinterest fail - Crescent Breakfast Roll Ups

While searching through Pinterest, I found a great recipe that I added to my meal planning. We love breakfast for dinner and this recipe put a fun twist on our same old meal.

Pin from Organizer by Day : Breakfast Crescent Roll Ups
I followed the recipe for the most part.
She used a "Crescent Sheet", but I only had Crescent rolls.
I used a small rolling pin to try to bring together the perforations.

My ingredients were eggs, bacon, ling sausage, and cheese.

She said to roll them tightly, and I tried, but the perforations kept coming apart. 
They look kind of like long calzones. I guess if I would have baked them like this, I could have made Breakfast Calzones.

I then cut the rolls into 5 pieces each and stacked them on my baking mat.
They didn't look so bad here. I pinched the sides together as much as I possibly could before putting them into the oven.

However, they fell apart.
They look like lopsided wanna-be's.
But I will tell you that my family gobbled these up and Hubs and Anth fought over the last one.

I'll try these again, but only after I find the Crescent Sheet.

Here's the Easy recipe !!
Preheat the oven to 350 and have a greased baking sheet on hand, or use a baking mat like I did. 
Scramble your eggs first and cook the meats you will be using. Allow them time to cool.
Use a "Crescent Sheet" (don't follow my fail) and then lay it landscape and cut in half.
Lay your ingredients in the middle and then roll the crescent sheet tightly.
Cut into 5 roll ups.
Place the roll ups on the pan and cook for 13-15 minutes, depending on how your particular oven cooks.
Allow them a few moments to cool and enjoy !

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