Sunday, December 27, 2015

We made a Peacock Cake !

The boys and I decided that today, was as good as any to make a cake.
I offered several options. I thought it would be fun to try a cake roll, but they decided against it.

We didn't have a solid plan, but knew we wanted to have fun.
We used a Golden Yellow box cake mix and separated the mix into 3 bowls.
The boys chose colors, Blue, Pink, and Green.

I put the colored cake batter into ziploc bags and let the boys create away.

It's abstract art ....

I took a knife and started making swirls in the pan. Anth came back into the kitchen and dubbed the cake, a "Peacock Cake" since it looked like colorful peacock feathers.

Once we baked it and let it cool, hubby and I sliced the cake in half (using unflavored dental floss) and added a thin layer of store bought chocolate frosting.

I iced the top of the cake and after dinner, the boys were excited to cut the cake open and find out what the inside design looked like.

This was an unplanned activity, that resulted in a
beautiful afternoon baking with my boys.

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