Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lighting the way with the Pro NightVision High Intensity Front Bike Light #rearbikelight #sponsored

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I love that my husband loves to bike. What I don't love, is when he bikes at night without a good source of lighting.

When he leaves to ride, it's usually still light out, but midway through, it's pretty dark and when he gets home, it's definitely dark. Our neighborhood does not really have any lighting at all, actually, any of the residential parts of [unincorporated] city we live in, doesn't have good street lighting.

I received the Night ProVision™ Rechargeable LED Front Bicycle Headlight and knew it was going on the front of his bike.

The Night ProVision™ Rechargeable LED Front Bicycle Headlight is simple to install and comes with the 3 pieces you see below. My light came with a charge, so it we were able to use it instantly.
When you charge the light, with the Micro USB charging cable (included), they say the light fully charges in about 2 hours.

Here is my Installation video

So he's been using the bike light for a week or so and really likes it. The LED light gives a wide rage of light, not just to the immediate front of the bike. There are 3 light settings to choose from.

If you bike at night or earlyin the morning, and need a good source of light, without needing to worry about batteries for the light, or the added weight of a battery powered light, I would definitely recommend this product! 

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