Sunday, January 3, 2016

My first run of 2016 is almost here ! #fitfluential #fitfam #ambassador #Disney10k @enell

It's almost here !!!

I'm excited to run my 2nd Disney 10k !
It was a challenge last year and I had been training.
I have not been training as much leading up to my upcoming run, so I am a tad nervous.

Last year, I ran alone. Well, as alone as I can be with over 10,000 people wanting to achieve the same goal. But this year, this year, I may finish alone, but I will begin the race with my hubby.

It wasn't difficult to talk him into running this with me.
He's not thinking about it right now, but Thursday night, he'll get excited !

My hope this year, is to maintain a similar pace as last year and have a finish time, not far from that of 2015. (1 hour, 40 minutes, 21 seconds)

Look for Instagram photos  (find me here →
I'll be sure to update my blog and facebook page with my results and of course, tons of pictures !

Here is the course that we'll be running.
It begins in the parking lot of Epcot and runs around, behind, and through the park.

There isn't a lot of running through Epcot itself, which means there isn't a ton to distract you. There are Disney Characters along the way and people were lined up to take photos with them.
I was not one of them and won't be this year either.

I can't wait to run. To make another memory with my husband.
To run 4 Joshua, To hopefully inspire my boys to get out and try new things.


  1. So excited for you!! I won't be lining up to take photos during the race either! I can't afford the time to wait, I'm not fast enough LOL. Have a great race, Tara!!

  2. Its awesome to be able to accomplish this goal with your husband. I am sure you will both have a good time. You'll probably want to schedule a couples massage after since neither of you will probably have the energy to be one for each other.


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