Thursday, March 10, 2016

Getting in my workout anywhere with the #PedalExerciser #sponsored

Disclosure:  I received this product at a reduced or complimentary cost in order to facilitate an unbiased review. All opinions are my own

I am always looking for ways to get in exercise. Since I'm a blogger, a lot of my time is spent at my desk. Thanks to the Pedal Exerciser, I can stop and get a small workout in, several times a day!

The Pedal Exerciser has a latex tube made of thick bold natural latex tube, foam, and plastic. The handle is wrapped in foam to avoid slippage and for comfort as well as anti-skid and will absorb sweat when you using it.
There are 4 four rubber ropes made of strength elastic connected to the foot pedals, which hold your feet securely.

The Pedal Exerciser has multiple target muscle groups and can work your arms , belly ,back ,hips & legs. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing but the exerciser in the box, but I found this on the Amazon page.

Not only can I use this at my desk, but really, where ever. In the living room or while traveling, And this has been popular with all of my family. All 3 boys have been using it for strengthening their arms. I love that we can use this as a family.


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