Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sleeping with the Fishes. Our Cub Scout overnight at the Aquarium !

Hello from The Florida Aquarium !

Our Cub Scout Pack recently had an educational sleepover at The Florida Aquarium.
30 of our 46 boys attended this one night camp.

We didn't spend the night having staring contests with fish, I promise.
The fish won, by the way.

Our scouts, siblings, and parents were treated to a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. We visited the animals kitchen, played Shark Jeopardy, had a touching experience (literally) with stingrays, sea anemones, and baby sharks, plus we had an awesome dive show.

Do you know the rhyme
"Red against yellow, kill a fellow" or "Red against black, Ok Jack" ?
I had never heard of these, but it's good to know.

These mice are not only food for snakes, but some birds at the aquarium.
Not pictured, the rabbits. You're welcome.

All of the scouts and siblings were mesmerized by the jellyfish. They are so graceful, but get stung by one and there are plenty of other words to describe them.

Christopher was enamored with the Puffer Fish. They were in several different areas and he would stop and stare at them.

I think he was hoping they would get mad and puff up, but they never did.
Say Hello to Willow !

This is called a Bait Ball. The fish were just swimming in circles.

Scuba Steve (yes, that was really his name) and his security fiver did a Q & A session with the scouts and their families.
He told us the female Tiger Shark in the tank was about 9 ft long, while the male was only 7 1/2 foot ... only
I know he does this for a living, but having a 7 1/2 foot Tiger Shark swim in front of me like that and I'm on the other side of 13" plexiglass, is absolutely terrifying.

We were told that the flooring was only about 2 years old. At first we were all shaking our heads and thinking, okay .. cool.
But what we found out is that the flooring is made from recycled fishing nets. They are cleaned and rewoven with fabric and made into a carpet material. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle .. right down to our feet !

And here is where the majority of the families slept. The lights were off , but the illumination from above the water made a spectacular nightlight.

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