Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The sound of unemployment

Do you hear that?

It's the sound of the keys on the computer clicking away.

Do you feel that?
It's the weight of the worrying about providing for our family, on our shoulders.

It's been almost a month since my husband was let go from his Dream Job. A company he longed to work for, travelling to customers, and working from home. We didn't see it coming. One day, butting head about monthly numbers and 2 days later, See Ya !

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Since he was salaried, no back pay coming. Since we live in Florida, no pay for vacation time accrued. He's never been here before. This is completely unwelcome territory.

We had some money in the bank, savings. We decided to cash out a college plan to have money to live on. His parents said No Way and made us cancel those plans and are helping us. He hasn't told everyone, just select people. He has a great many business associates that are putting in a good word for him at various places.

Unemployment checks haven't started yet. Our children are on free lunch since we applied for assistance. Our mortgage company has a great program to help us still make payments and not lose our home. Our basic bills are paid. 

He's taken some odd jobs to make cash. I'm still working part time from home.

He finally told the children. They worry, but they know we are being frugal. They don't ask for things as much. We spend time together more.
We haven't eaten out yet, but we will soon, with our Scout Family.

While it's not the ideal situation and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, the quality time, getting to know my husband again, has been invaluable. We've grown closer, stronger. He's been a more attentive Father. He has lunch with the boys at school, goes with me to pick them up. They love it. He's learning so much about them, and what it's like to be well, me.

He doesn't get a break from them, he goes to all of the scouting events, hears them fighting after school, helps with homework, and dinner. He appreciates "home" a lot more, I feel.

He's been diligently looking for work, in his field. We pray a lot.
He doesn't pretend to be okay, but he does his best to not show his distress.

We'll be okay. Eventually, things will work out and he'll find a job.
We'll look back on this time and remember that, for whatever reason, we had to go through this trial. We'll be a stronger family unit.

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