Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer is coming ! What is on your To Do List ?

Summer is definitely on it's way here in Florida. The heat is settling in and the kids are counting single digit days (without weekends, of course).

The summer this year, for our county, will be a shorter one. The school year will begin earlier for them in the fall, and we've decided that, less is more.

Despite the fact that we have no extra spending cash to do super fun things, like water or theme parks, we are going to have plenty to do this summer!

Most movie theaters offer free movies 3 days a week. My boys have already starred (*) the movies we need to see. We also signed up at kids bowl free so that every day, they can bowl up to 2 games free. We'd still need to rent shoes, but it may be worth looking into bowling shoes for them, since it's one of our favorite family past times.

There is a public splash park just 10 minutes from us and a community pool that has an open swim for a minimal fee. We could always utilize the beaches around here, and they are beautiful!

We are beginning our summer with camps though. Our 2 Cub Scouts will be at a week long day camp, with both my Boy Scout and I volunteering. Thankfully, we get to come home every night. My Boy Scout will have a week long camp right after that, staying about 3 hours from home. He has a huge schedule of Merit Badge classes, that he chose himself, to keep him busy.

Being the Cubmaster and a Den Leader in our Cub Scout Pack doesn't end because it's summer either. We don't want our boys to lose interest, so we are planning fun meetings over the summer and incorporating the bowling and free movies into activities for everyone. We always incorporate trash clean up because pollution doesn't take a summer break and it's important we continue with community service all year round.

Our library also has a program, that if they boys read over the summer months, they can earn tickets to our favorite MLB team, the Tampa Bay Rays. Looks like we'll be tackling some reading this summer too.

Summer doesn't have to cost WOTH Parents a lot of money.
If you are a parent that works outside of the house, that is a different issue. Summer Camps and caring for the kids is not cheap, but sometimes necessary, if your children are smaller and you don't want them home on their own over the summer.

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