Friday, July 1, 2016

Recap of Cub Scout Day Camp @thecubscouts #GTBAC

I had a fun 2 weeks at Cub Scout Day Camp.

I volunteered to be a leader for the 2nd grade Wolf Den. I did end up with Wolves and Bears
(and Webelos during week 2), but no one seemed to mind the mixed ranks.

I had not been a leader at camp before, though last year, I followed the Den Leaders around camp. My youngest attended as a Tiger, so I could only be there as a parent.

I was proud to live the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared

I had all the essentials plus more. I definitely paid attention last year.
I was paired with another Mom who had never been to Day Camp. She was happy I had a clue and knew where I was going. Secretly, I felt the same way.

Everyday, we brought fresh fruit and snacks for the boys. I had a  wagon so I could bring a large cooler with ice water. The camp provided water all day at every station, but I know what that water tastes like, and I wanted to bring my own. My son called me a Water Snob!
The wagon was a blessing and a curse. We would cart around all of our things easily, but the sand.
Oh the treacherous sand !

We kept a first aid kit on hand as well as ample sunscreen and bug spray.
I believe I heard the report that there were no serious injuries either week, with dehydration being the biggest culprit (mainly the staff).

During our 1st week, CSI: Cub Scout Investigation, our Scouts learned about fingerprinting, K-9 dogs, searched for clues during the week long scavenger hunt, played sports games, and we rotated days where we swam, fished, canoed, learn about and shot BB guns, bow & arrows and wrist rockets.
This week was very special for us. Our entire family attended. I was a Den Leader, and hubby was the BB Gun Range Master. He took a day long class and volunteered the entire week. Our oldest volunteered, since he is a Boy Scout, and the 2 younger boys attended camp as regular Cub Scouts.

The 2nd week, Splash Camp, we were in the pool everyday. It was awesome !
The Scouts learned the essentials about First Aid, poisonous plants and local animals. Again we searched for clues during the week long scavenger hunt, played sports games, swam, fished, canoed, learn about and shot Bow & arrows and wrist rockets.

Both weeks, we participated in an Outdoor Flag Ceremony and skits.

Below is a minute long photo slide show of our time at camp.

We can't wait until next year !

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