Sunday, August 6, 2017

Loving my LED Remote Control Umbrella Light #ad #review

I recently received the  LED Umbrella Light with Remote Control for review. I was really interested in this product because if the multitude of uses this product can provide to my family.

The LED Umbrella Light with Remote Control takes 4 AA Batteries and has a remote control that can store within the light itself.

Right now, the light is hanging over my grill. We have a grill canopy but no light, this light is perfect. There are 3 settings : Off, Bright, and REALLY Bright!

Since the light can be easily transported, we'll be taking it with us camping. I'm a fan of having light in my tent, and this is going to definitely provide enough light.

The remote doesn't work from too far away.

Another good use for this light, besides camping, cooking, and your umbrella, would be if you lose power. That hasn't happened to us in a while, but I know that sometimes having good light in a dark house, especially with small children, is very important.

My youngest sked the other day if he could build a pillow and sheet fort in his room and use the light in the fort. I thought this was a creative way to use the light.

I can imagine that my boys will want to take the light when they camp with scouts.

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