Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Relocation Complete ... Moving is not so fun

On June 19th, we said goodbye to everything
we'd know for almost 30 years.

We left the only home our children had ever known, their friends, all of the "security blankets" of family and friends, and made the 2 day trek to New York.

It was not pleasant. Not by any means.

When our 26 foot U-Haul was packed full, we realized that we need another truck ! and one that could pull a towing flat for my van. We called and drove around for hours trying to find a location that had both items on hand. It wasn't cheap either. Both moving vans, with vehicle flats and just one of the companies who helped facilitate our move, ate up the balance of our relocation allotment.

And our 26 foot less-than-a-year-old U-Haul, so much play in the steering wheel. I seriously though my husband had fallen asleep at the wheel, he had veered off the highway so much.

With our oldest in the large truck and the 2 smaller boys with my in the 16 foot truck, each of us towing a vehicle, we left our home. Soaked from the rain, 4 hours late, and extremely tired.

We made it to Brunswick, Georgia on the first day. Leaving so late, the rain, and going home traffic, made our drive out of Florida extremely long. We left our hotel at 6:15am Tuesday and crossed the New York State line at 1:46am Wednesday morning.

Since we got into our rental home, things haven't been too bad. The boys have adjusted relatively well. There do not seem to be a ton of children in our neighborhood, so they haven't made any friends.

We've unpacked most of what we need for the next year,
and the house is beginning to feel like a home.

We've explored new places in New York and will continue to do so. The Summer weather is definitely an improvement over the 100+ degree weather we are used to, but I'm nervous about the Winter months.

But we are embracing the change and the new area.
I look forward to sharing more of this life with you !

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