Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reusable #straws for everyone in my family ! #ad

Among the recent reviews I have received, along came straws. Yep, straws...

Those fun plastic ones that you use with Mason Jars, Pinterest Photos, and milkshakes,
I have a new batch of them !

This comes at a great time, because just before I received said straws, my husband was complaining he could never find the ones for his coffee cup.

Why do I need so many straws, you ask? Sometimes, they grow legs...
If you have kids, you know that things disappear, and sometimes when they reappear, they are gross and you use disposable gloves to discard that item.

All of the boys love them, and all the straws seem to make their way back tot he kitchen, which is nice. Some of the straws we received have the extra little loop piece at the bottom, to keep them in a mason jar cup. Some of the straws are just regular straws. Those are perfect for the smoothies and shakes we like to make.

The straws came individually wrapped

The other items that came with the set of 25 straws, is a straw cleaner. Similar to the brush used to clean baby bottles, but just for straws. I have never seen one of these until now. It's nice to have, because cleaning blueberry and strawberry residue from the inside of a plastic straw without one,
is just impossible !

So everyone has their favorite straw. I personally like the Pineapple.

Interested in purchasing these straws? Click this link ↓

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