Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It doesn't matter if you Stand or Kneel - In My Opinioin

There is a huge debate going on right about standing or kneeling during the National Anthem during NFL games.

Let's look at some things. Tim Tebow kneeled out of respect for his religion, not out of disrespect for the Flag. He was ridiculed, teased and taunted. Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the injustice to African American people by Law Enforcement, he no longer has a job in the NFL. Alejandro Villanueva stood when his team (divided in their ideals), and the apologized for not being united with his teammates.

In my opinion, the NFL decided to take it upon themselves to discern [President] Donald Trump's comment, in their own way. Some kneeled, some sat on the bench, some stood arm in arm, some kneeled with standing players behind them showing support, and then, some didn't even come to the field.

The United States of America is a melting pot. We come from all different backgrounds, races, religions, and beliefs. The Men and Women who proudly serve in All Branches of the Armed Forces deserve respect. Does that mean you cannot kneel? Does that mean that if you do not clearly sing the National Anthem that you are un-American?

I grew up where we stood every morning in school, said The Pledge of Allegiance, Sang the National Anthem, and God Bless America. This was in a public school. Some of our children do not say The Pledge of Allegiance in school anymore, much less know the words to our National Anthem.

I think RESPECT is what is lost here. At any game (NFL or MLB) that I have been to, they say "PLEASE STAND for our National Anthem". There are people who do not stand. I do not hear every person singing, heck, some don't even bother to remove their beloved baseball caps. I do not see them ridiculed.

I RESPECT our Flag, I RESPECT the men and women who served, have served, have sacrificed their lives while serving, have sacrificed their lives because of their service, and the Gold Star Families who lost loved ones because of their service.

I also believe in GOD. I do not judge those who don't kneel during Mass Services. It is not my place.

I cannot tell Colin Kaepernick not to kneel because of his silent, non-violent protest. I cannot tell Tim Tebow not to kneel because of his love for the LORD, and I refuse to accept Alejandro Villanueva's apology. No man or woman should ever apologize for giving respect to their country.

This is their right, as Americans. It is their right under the 1st Amendment.
You may not agree with them. That is YOUR right.

But it is up to each of us, including Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, Alejandro Villanueva, and every person who lives freely in the United States of America, to RESPECT !

RESPECT each other.
RESPECT our country.
RESPECT our Military.
RESPECT our National Flag.

We must be UNITED in RESPECT.

These are just my opinions. This is how we raise our children. They are the future.

They may be spoiled to a certain extent. But they RESPECT their parents (mostly... if you have a teenager, please tell me it gets better), they RESPECT GOD, and I teach them to RESPECT others. The decisions another person makes is their decision. Right or wrong. We have to respect that.

What right do you have to demand this, without giving it in return?