Friday, October 6, 2017

We made a Swedish Fire Log ! You can too ..

We went camping in August with our new Cub Scout Pack and learned about Swedish Fire Logs.
We had never heard of this and loved the idea of making one.

Hubby and I found a perfect log to make this project with. Actually, the log was so big, we made two!

Here is the video we made for you

Hubby used stones to create a stopping point for the cuts. This stopping point allows the log to stay together and not end up like a Trivial Pursuit game piece.

We put some dryer lint inside of the logs, as well as a gel camping starter we had from our last camping trip.

We made a teepee of sorts with kindling, to get the fire started.

The log took a bit to get burning, but once it did, we had great heat and the log was beautiful to watch burn. We did add small pieces of kindling here and there, and made sure to stir the embers.

As the log burned, the opening became larger, creating a flower image (at least to me).
It was quite lovely.

The kids came and went while hubby and I stayed outside to enjoy our creation.
We had all the ingredients for s'mores, so we indulged in a campfire treat.

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