Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A move, an update, and an apology

This past month and a half have been CRAZY !!!

We moved in our new home on 12/14/17. 10 days later, we have 17 people (including the 5 of us), for Christmas Eve/Day ! Unpacking and getting the house organized in 10 days, plus Christmas Shopping, decorating, oh yes, and I took on a Seasonal 2nd job.. well... That was INSANE ! !!

I apologize for not keeping my blog as updated as I need to be.

I've been trying to stay on top of my Facebook page, so I'm at least, a little visible.

Since Christmas, not too much has happened.

We had a couple of warm days. It hit 57 and so the boys wore shorts.
I'm not sure it was quite shorts weather, but they were super happy !
The little one and I did not embrace the weather and maintained our "It's still too cold for shorts" stance...

Hubby turned 45 !!
Birthday Selfie !

There has been sickness in the house and just today, the youngest was diagnosed with INFLUENZA !
So we had to shell out a car payments worth of money to get him generic Tamiflu, but it'll be worth it to have him better again!

We've learned to embrace the snow and the boys went sledding recently. Since I had just gotten over a very bad fever. I stood by, bundled up nice and warm and took video :)

Though, I'm not sure I'll ever really enjoy digging my car out from under frozen ice and snow!

So right now, we are just living life for each day.
Grateful that we wake up every morning !!

Thanks for hanging around !!

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