Thursday, March 22, 2018

Taking my energy level up a notch with Exogenous Ketone Supplement #review

I recently had the opportunity to try the Exogenous Ketone Supplement, in Lemon Lime flavor. I have been looking for something to help boost my energy and suppress my appetite and I thought, why not give this product a try.

The powder definitely has the lemon lime smell and it fizzes like a seltzer.

I wasn't prepared for it.. The fizzy got me and I seriously considered not finishing my very 1st glass, but I did. 

I can say that my appetite was suppressed well and I did have increased energy about 30 minutes after I drank this. It has been a good boost for me on the mornings I want to hit the gym first thing.

I have not seen any difference on focusing, which I have read that mental sharpness or focus can occur if used on an empty stomach.

If you are looking for an, Exogenous Ketone Supplement, I would recommend this product.

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